Funny! Naked Woman Calmly Walks Into A Store To Buy Beer (Photos)


A naked woman got out of a car and casually strolled into a petrol station to grab a beer.The bizarre scenes were captured by CCTV and posted to a social media community page based in the south-western city of Krasnodar, Russia.

In a video posted online, the woman, wearing only a pair of high heels, is helped out of a white 4WD parked outside by a male companion.

The pair have a chat by the car before the nude woman walks into the shop, followed by the man, who appears to be recording her on his mobile phone.

The blonde woman approaches the counter in her birthday suit holding the bottle of beer.

The cashier does not seem phased. He serves his nude customer calmly, who then walks out of the shop followed by her male companion.

It is unclear why the woman was naked, although some online users reckoned she had lost a bet.

How To Send Files From Android To iPhone Using Xender

Image result for xender to iphoneImpossible is nothing, who said its not possible to send files from Android to iPhone? Our favourite and most trusted Xender app have made it possible, the latest update of Xender can transfer files with ease from your Android phone to iPhone. Not only that, there was also provision to send files to your PC using this app. To make this possible you only need to install Xender on PC too.

Do you need to transfer files between phones or between your phone and computer? Have you tried Xender to experience the coolest all-in-one file transfer and sharing app! Forget about tangled cables, annoyingly slow Bluetooth, apps that consumes mobile data and tools that need you to install software on your computer.

Xender transfers anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps, in an instant with a few taps. Besides connection and transfer between Android devices, Xender also allows transfers between Android and iOS. With the new Connect PC mode, Xender transfers everything you need between your phone and your computer, be it PC, MAC or Chromebook.

[url=][b]Download Xender Here[/b][/url]

Step 1

Launch the Xender app on your android phone and leave it running. Tap on Connect Phone, look at the down left side of the page and tap on Connect iPhone.

Step 2

On your iPhone device, go to settings > Wi-Fi > Tap on the WiFi network name synonymous to what displayed on your Android.

Step 3

While on the iPhone, navigate to the Xender app and tap on connect phone and the connection should be initiated immediately and automatically.


Step 1

Launch the Xender app on your android phone and leave it running. Tap on Connect PC using the switch icon at the top right corner.

Step 2

You may get connected by connecting either by WLAN or WiFi which is normally under settings in your device.

Step 3

You may also get connected by switching on WiFi hotspot on your phone and connect PC to it. This will not use your mobile data.

  • Switch on WiFi on PC, connect to hotspot named ” Xender_AP1200″
  • Input a specified IP address in browser.

How to make WhatsApp group voice and video calls.

WhatsApp now lets you make group calls – here’s how you can join in the fun WhatsApp has made the much-requested decision to introduce group call functionality to its platform. The move comes three years after the instant messaging service introduced voice calls, with a FaceTime-esque video option unveiled the subsequent year.

But what really is a WhatsApp group call? What can it do? And how can you do it? Read on for everything you need to know about WhatsApp group calls, the latest feature on everyone’s favourite encrypted messaging platform.

What are WhatsApp group calls?

WhatsApp group calls are calls between groups of up to four people via the 1.5 billion-strong messaging platform WhatsApp.

The feature has been long requested by users of the app, which purports to host over two billion minutes of calls per day. That’s a hell of a lot of Love Island dissection.

Meanwhile, group calls will be kitted out with end-to-end encryption like other messages on WhatsApp. This is no mean feat; as TechCrunch points out, Telegram, the self-professed “secure” messaging app, hasn’t even got round to encrypting group messages, let along group calls.

In an age of data breaches and rampant misuse, we’ve got to laud WhatsApp for this evidently not-so-negligible achievement, then. No wonder it’s used by a cool 20% of the global population.

How can I make a WhatsApp group call?

Unlike encryption, it doesn’t take a tech whizz to work this one out. In fact, it’s so simple you could probably coax your technophobe grandparents on for a good old face-to-face natter.

Users must start a call with a person of their choice. An Add Participant button will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Simply press this, and select the participant you’d like to join the conversation. You can add up to four. And that’s all there is to it!

WhatsApp is nothing if not user-friendly, and its group calls are just the latest on an impressive roster of features which testify to that. So summon your grandparents, besties or even your colleagues: WhatsApp group calls have officially landed.

Five ways to boost your mobile broadband speeds

Image result for boost network


Don’t plug your dongle straight into your laptop, use the USB cable that’s supplied. Not only does this reduce the impact of electrical interference from your PC (from your Wi-Fi radio, for example), it also gives you the flexibility to position the dongle for maximum reception. Merely changing the orientation of a USB modem can boost signal strength, potentially adding crucial extra bandwidth.


Modems may be cheaper when you buy them from a specific mobile network, but that of course means you’re tied to that specific provider. Instead, consider buying an unlocked modem and carrying around a selection of pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

Standalone modems aren’t ludicrously expensive: you can buy a 7.2Mbits/sec Huawei E1750 modem for £90 from, for example. The networks literally give away the SIM cards for free, or charge a nominal fee for them, so there’s nothing to stop you getting a SIM card for every UK network.A selection of SIM cards is particularly useful for those who spend much of their lives on the road, as the gaps in one company’s 3G network may be filled by another provider. Remember that T-Mobile and 3 share some of their same 3G network, and Virgin Media’s service runs off T-Mobile’s network, so there’s little point in doubling up with these providers.


The DNS servers used by the mobile broadband networks “tend to be pretty patchy,” according to PC Pro’s wireless and mobile expert, Paul Ockenden. That could mean DNS look-ups take longer than need be, or web addresses fail to resolve at all. Try a free alternative such as OpenDNS if you notice a delay in websites loading despite a strong signal.


Those who struggle to get a decent 3G connection indoors may be better off avoiding USB dongles and tethering their PC to their smartphone. This allows you to place the mobile handset on a window sill, where it has more chance of picking up a decent signal, without having to awkwardly shuffle your furniture around so your desk is near the window.

Alternatively, consider buying a mobile Wi-Fi router. Both 3 and T-Mobile sell excellent 3G Wi-Fi routers that allow you to plug in your dongle and broadcast the 3G signal to other rooms in the house, as well as share the connection among multiple PCs/devices. The portable MiFi router (web ID: 351289) sold by 3 and others could perform a similar function.


Mobile networks assign different APNs (Access Point Names) to customers on regular monthly contracts and pay-as-you-go deals. We have it on good authority that some mobile networks give priority to the more lucrative, contract customers, rewarding their loyal custom with marginally improved bandwidth. If you’re determined to get every last kilobit per second out of your connection, it may be worth considering signing up for a long-term deal with one of the fast networks, such as Vodafone, T-Mobile or 3.

How to Repair Damaged Video Files or Corrupted Videos?

Repair Damaged Video FilesWant to repair damaged video files? Repairing damaged or corrupt videos is inevitable if you are a professional cinematographer or else an individual who has some important unplayable video files stored on your computer or data storage medium, such as memory card, hard drive, flash drive, etc.

How Video File Get Corrupted?

Now the question arises, why are you experiencing corruption in video files? The reason for corruption can be due to any unperceived problems that you might encounter during video shooting, the presence of the virus on your memory card, data communication issue while you try to transfer files to your PC, or others.

To know the answer to this question, you need to understand the structure of a video file. You see, a video file is a sequence of bytes that has two parts: header and data part. The header part is the set of bytes allotted to store the metadata about the video such as file type, a start bit and end bit, offset, etc. While the data part stores the actual bits that represent the video.

When few bits of a header is changed then this file may not play in a video player. Besides, change in bits from the data part makes the video jittery, grainy, out of sync with audio, or distorted when played. In either case, the video file becomes corrupt.

Don’t worry, you can relive those lost memories and resolve all video troubles. Steps that you need to be followed to repair your corrupt video files are mentioned below:

How to Repair Damaged Video Files?

1. Download and install the Stellar Phoenix Video Repair software on your computer (it doesn’t matter whether the computer has the corrupt videos stored on its storage drive, as the tool repairs files and does not recover them when they are deleted; therefore, there is no fear of overwriting). [Note: To recover your lost data, you need a data recovery tool such as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.]

2. Launch the video repair software by double-clicking on the shortcut icon present on the desktop or use the Windows start button to open it.

3. Once the software is up and running, click on the Add File button located at the center of the wizard to add the video files for the repairing process.

[Use the Add file button present just above the bottom of the screen to add more files for repairing.]

Add file to Stellar video repair

4. In order to repair the added video files, click on the Repair button. The software repairs all the added files one at a time. The live status of the repair process is shown at the progress bar below. In case of need, you can, by all means, click the Stop button to end the unfinished repairing task.

Repairing Video by stellar video repair

5. Click the OK button when the repair process completed message box appears. To know the status of the repaired files, have a look at the Action column and see the links present beside each file. Click on the Preview link to preview the repaired files.

Preview repaired video file

6. Click on the ‘Advanced Repair’ link (if it is present) to repair the corresponding severely corrupt video. All you need to do is to click the Next button and add a sample video, which is a playable video of any size and with the same format created using the same device.

[Note: Both the sample video and the corrupt video remains unharmed during the repair process; therefore, you do not need to create a copy of the corrupt or sample video file before feeding it the software’s repair engine.]
7. Click on the ‘Save Repaired Files’ button to save the fixed files on your computer.
[Don’t worry, you do not need to choose a different drive as it does not interfere with the current video files located on the drive (unlike the data recovery tool that makes it necessary to save repairable data in a different drive to avoid overwriting).]

Save repaired video in Stellar video repair

There you go, you have repaired your damaged video files and even severely corrupt videos using its sample video file. The software does the video repairing task of multiple video file formats including .mov, .mp4, .f4v, .m4v, .3gp, and .3g2 simultaneously. The repair software is 100% safe and secure to download.


The article highlights the basic know-how about videos corruption. You are also introduced to the best and the easiest software method to repair corrupt or damaged video files. Stellar Phoenix Video Repair comes really handy whenever you face any kind of video file issues such as corruption in sound section, video frames, header, etc. The software can also be used to repair severely corrupt video files using sample files. In addition, the tool has minimum system requirement and has the compatible version for Mac and Windows

How to Accept all friend requests (or Reject) at once on Facebook

Accepting friend request one by one takes too much time. You can save a lot of time, if you accept all friend requests at once. Of course you can do this with some java scripts. Here I am discussing a very simple method without using java script. You can use Google chrome extension to do this

How to Accept all friend requests (or Reject) at once on Facebook

Open Google chrome. If you don’t use Google chrome, download  chrome, install it and open chrome.

Accept all friend requests at once

  1. Click on Accept all facebook friend requests at once symbol in top right corner  shows that in above screen shot.

  2. Click on “Settings”.

  3. Click on “Extensions” in left menu. Scroll down. At the end you will see “Get More Extensions”.

  4. Click on “Get More Extensions”. You will see Google chrome web store.

Accept all friend requests at once on facebook

  1. Type “Facebook friend requests” in search bar shows that in above screenshot. Press Enter.

  2. Check “Extensions” in left menu. You will see all extensions with your search keyword.

  3. Click on “Add to Chrome” near “Facebook friends requests accept/reject” extension. Probably it will be the first one.

If it is prompted, click “Add”. You will see facebook friend requests symbol left to Accept all facebook friend requests at once.

Open Facebook. Login with your username and password.

accept or reject all friend requests

  1. Click on friend requests symbol, next to “Home” in top menu. Shows that in above screen shot. You can see how many friend requests you have.

  2. Click on facebook friend requests symbol. You will see a new window.

  3. Check “Accept All Request” to accept. Check “Reject all Requests” to reject.

  4. Click on “Accept All friend Requests” which is shown in red color. Within 2 minutes it will accept all friend requests.

This extension has one bug. It keeps showing accepting counter even after accepting all friend requests. You need to open your Facebook in another tab and check how many friend requests you have. If you see no friend requests, then come to previous tab and close this accepting window.

Thanks for reading my article about How to Accept all friend requests or Reject at once on Facebook. If you like it, do me favor by sharing it with your friends.