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Five ways to boost your mobile broadband speeds

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Don’t plug your dongle straight into your laptop, use the USB cable that’s supplied. Not only does this reduce the impact of electrical interference from your PC (from your Wi-Fi radio, for example), it also gives you the flexibility to position the dongle for maximum reception. Merely changing the orientation of a USB modem can boost signal strength, potentially adding crucial extra bandwidth.


Modems may be cheaper when you buy them from a specific mobile network, but that of course means you’re tied to that specific provider. Instead, consider buying an unlocked modem and carrying around a selection of pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

Standalone modems aren’t ludicrously expensive: you can buy a 7.2Mbits/sec Huawei E1750 modem for £90 from, for example. The networks literally give away the SIM cards for free, or charge a nominal fee for them, so there’s nothing to stop you getting a SIM card for every UK network.A selection of SIM cards is particularly useful for those who spend much of their lives on the road, as the gaps in one company’s 3G network may be filled by another provider. Remember that T-Mobile and 3 share some of their same 3G network, and Virgin Media’s service runs off T-Mobile’s network, so there’s little point in doubling up with these providers.


The DNS servers used by the mobile broadband networks “tend to be pretty patchy,” according to PC Pro’s wireless and mobile expert, Paul Ockenden. That could mean DNS look-ups take longer than need be, or web addresses fail to resolve at all. Try a free alternative such as OpenDNS if you notice a delay in websites loading despite a strong signal.


Those who struggle to get a decent 3G connection indoors may be better off avoiding USB dongles and tethering their PC to their smartphone. This allows you to place the mobile handset on a window sill, where it has more chance of picking up a decent signal, without having to awkwardly shuffle your furniture around so your desk is near the window.

Alternatively, consider buying a mobile Wi-Fi router. Both 3 and T-Mobile sell excellent 3G Wi-Fi routers that allow you to plug in your dongle and broadcast the 3G signal to other rooms in the house, as well as share the connection among multiple PCs/devices. The portable MiFi router (web ID: 351289) sold by 3 and others could perform a similar function.


Mobile networks assign different APNs (Access Point Names) to customers on regular monthly contracts and pay-as-you-go deals. We have it on good authority that some mobile networks give priority to the more lucrative, contract customers, rewarding their loyal custom with marginally improved bandwidth. If you’re determined to get every last kilobit per second out of your connection, it may be worth considering signing up for a long-term deal with one of the fast networks, such as Vodafone, T-Mobile or 3.

9mobile Partners Bango to introduce smart way to pay

9mobile is living up to its identity as Nigeria’s most innovative telecommunications company, with the launch of 9pay.

This is an operator-billed payment platform for Google Play store users, launched in partnership with Google and Bango, the leading global mobile payments company.

According to its Chief Product & Information Officer, Otuyemi Otule, 9mobile is happy to expand its mobile payment solutions in Nigeria, which has a combination of a highly unbanked and highly mobile-first population. He added that 9mobile’s 9pay offers millions of consumers a means of making important financial transactions.

9pay can be used for a variety of things. If you are a local app or game developer, you will love this because you will find it infinitely easier to monetize your offerings.

If you’re not an app developer, the service is still of great value to you. With 9pay, you can pay for your apps, games and more, on Google Play store; transfer funds to a loved one or send money to your friend’s bank account, and so much more.

Is 9pay an app, you may ask. It is not. 9pay is a payment platform as earlier mentioned, or an e-wallet. And It is super easy to use, simply follow these steps:

  • Select 9pay as payment option on Google Play Store or visit to create an account.
  • Create a pin and fund your account with your ATM card issued by any Nigerian bank.
  • Voila! You are ready to start sending and receiving funds and making payments.

If you are wondering where your funds go to, all funds are safely warehoused and monitored by the United Bank of Africa (UBA) plc.

No more “aunty no change” story when buying anything with cash. Just ask your merchant to transfer the change from their 9pay account to your 9pay account. The fun part is you can transfer this “change” from your 9pay account to your bank account and cash out!

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your 9pay account now and join the #9mobile9pay wave.

Call Barring, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting Short Code And USSD Codes

9jaboizgist call barring code
Short Code And USSD Codes For Call
Barring Call Forwarding Call Waiting
Because many phones come with options that are confusing to enable call waiting, call barring, call forwarding and conference call options, It is much more comfortable to activate or deactivate call waiting, call barring and call forwarding via USSD codes.
The default password code for activating call barring or call forwarding is ==> 0000
How To Deactivate And Activate Call
Using USSD code short code to Deactivate or Activate Call Barring
To Change Call barring password ==> * * 03 *330 * Old or Default Password * New Password * New Password Again # <== and Send For instance, to change my personal call barring Password the default code 0000 to 4578 Dial ==> * * 03 * 330 * 0000 * 5678 * 5678 #
Code to enable Call Barring option On All
Outgoing Calls ==> * 33 * Password # <== Code to Deactivate Call barring feature on all outgoing calls ==> # 33 * Password # <==
Code to Bar all incoming calls ==> * 35 *
Password # <==
Code to Deactivate Call barring on all
incoming calls ==> # 35 * Password # <==
Code to Bar all outgoing international call only ==> * 331 * Password # <==
Code to Deactivate Call barring feature on all outgoing international calls ==> # 331 *
Pasword # <==
How To Deactivate And Activate Call
Forwarding Using USSD code shortcode to Deactivate or Activate Call Forwarding
To Forward Call On When Number is Not Reachable Simply ==> * * 62 * Receiving number # # # 62 # <==
Code to activate call Forward when phone is Busy ==> * * 67 * phone number # # # 67 # <==
Code to forward calls when there is no reply ==> * * 61 * phone number # # # 61 # <==
Code to Activate Call Forwarding options On
All Calls ==> * * 21 * phone number # # # 21
# <==
Code to cancel all Active call forwarding already set on phone ==> # # 002 # <==
Code To Check Call Forwarding Status When
number is not available online ==> * # 62 #
Code To Check Call Forwarding Status when there is no reply ==> * # 61 # <==
Code To Check Call Forwarding Status when phone is busy ==> * # 67 # <==
Code To Check status of Call Forwarding after having all calls forwarded ==> * # 21 # <==
How To Deactivate And Activate Call
Used Code / Short Code For Activating,
Deactivating and Knowing Call Waiting
To disconnect waiting call during an active
call, ==> * <==
when a call is waiting and you want to pick another call without disrupting the existing
call, dial 1 While On Call Waiting If you need to put Current Call On Hold And Pick Incoming Call, dial 2 Check Call Waiting Status code ==> *#43# <==
Code for call waiting activation ==> *43# <==
Call waiting deactivation code ==> #43# <==

9Mobile, Airtel oppose transfer of Visafone 800MHz spectrum licence to MTN

Two major telecoms operators in the country, 9Mobile and Barti Airtel, yesterday, publicly opposed the proposed transfer of operating licence and resources, including 800MHz spectrum, from Visafone Communication Limited to MTN Nigeria.

The duo raised the objection at a public hearing organised by Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, at its headquarters in Abuja.

Responding to the proposal, Head of Regulatory Affairs, 9Mobile, Mr. Chidozie Arinze, said spectrum remained a scarce national resource available in limited quantity and, as such could not be leased to only MTN as an operator to the detriment of other operators that do not have similar spectrum in their possession.

He argued that the 800MHz spectrum from Visafone must be managed more efficiently and not be given to one operator because it had money.

According to him,  this will create room for wider dominance of the market by MTN, and that if MTN is allowed to monopolize 4G, it can be priced anyhow.

He said:  “It is like giving all Nigerian oil wells to one individual. The 800MHz spectrum is good for 4G operation and every operator wants to deploy 4G.    If MTN is allowed to monopolize 4G, it can be priced anyhow.

“MTN has 4G spectrum already and it wants to get this, in essence, it will be controlling 50% of the available spectrum in Nigeria.

“This is not done in line with the extant guidelines. It prohibits s control of facility that cannot be replicated by competitors. If they get this spectrum, the competitors don’t have similar spectrum and cannot have access to it.”

On his part, Airtel representative, Lucky Ubani, urged the NCC not to allow MTN acquire the spectrum, noting that such a move would extend its market dominance beyond voice segment, which he said could spell doom for the industry.

He warned that care should be taken not to create another monopoly in the market and urged the regulator to come up with measures that would enable other top operators operate  alongside MTN.

He said:  “In India there is a specific cap to which a single operator should acquire spectrum order wise there will be a huge disadvantage.”

Executive Vice Chairman of the Commission, Prof. Umar Danbatta, had earlier in his opening speech, told the audience that the public enquiry was meant to gather informed contributions from stakeholders to enable the commission take informed decision consistent with its mandate to create an enabling environment for effective competition in the industry as well ensure provision of qualitative and efficient telecommunications services throughout the country.

He said: “The commission seeks your active participation in the deliberations that would lead to an informed decision consistent with our mandate.

“As you may be aware, the demand for spectrum has increased due to emergence of disruptive innovations such as mobile broadband, web applications, Cloud Computing (CC), Internet of Thinks (IoT) and the proliferation of smart devices among others.

“Consequently, in order to reap the benefits of effective utilisation of spectrum as well as improve operational efficiency and regulatory excellence, the commission in accordance with its mandate as enshrined in the Nigerian Communications Act, NCA, 2003 embarked on re-planning of some of the its frequency bands.”

“In line with the spirit of participatory regulation and the strategic objective of the commission to hold regular consultation with the industry stakeholders, the commission has decided to hold a public enquiry to elicit inputs and comments from stakeholders to enable us draw important and beneficial contributions from your wealth of experience and research,’’ the NCC boss said.