How to make WhatsApp group voice and video calls.

WhatsApp now lets you make group calls – here’s how you can join in the fun WhatsApp has made the much-requested decision to introduce group call functionality to its platform. The move comes three years after the instant messaging service introduced voice calls, with a FaceTime-esque video option unveiled the subsequent year.

But what really is a WhatsApp group call? What can it do? And how can you do it? Read on for everything you need to know about WhatsApp group calls, the latest feature on everyone’s favourite encrypted messaging platform.

What are WhatsApp group calls?

WhatsApp group calls are calls between groups of up to four people via the 1.5 billion-strong messaging platform WhatsApp.

The feature has been long requested by users of the app, which purports to host over two billion minutes of calls per day. That’s a hell of a lot of Love Island dissection.

Meanwhile, group calls will be kitted out with end-to-end encryption like other messages on WhatsApp. This is no mean feat; as TechCrunch points out, Telegram, the self-professed “secure” messaging app, hasn’t even got round to encrypting group messages, let along group calls.

In an age of data breaches and rampant misuse, we’ve got to laud WhatsApp for this evidently not-so-negligible achievement, then. No wonder it’s used by a cool 20% of the global population.

How can I make a WhatsApp group call?

Unlike encryption, it doesn’t take a tech whizz to work this one out. In fact, it’s so simple you could probably coax your technophobe grandparents on for a good old face-to-face natter.

Users must start a call with a person of their choice. An Add Participant button will appear on the top right corner of the screen. Simply press this, and select the participant you’d like to join the conversation. You can add up to four. And that’s all there is to it!

WhatsApp is nothing if not user-friendly, and its group calls are just the latest on an impressive roster of features which testify to that. So summon your grandparents, besties or even your colleagues: WhatsApp group calls have officially landed.

Download New Version Of GBwhats-App V6.30 With New Added Features

Good news Guys! We are here to announced to You Guys some features on  GBWhats-App is  now updated and new version is released…

I guess many here know what’s  GBWhats-App is, what it does ?  Well,  if it happen that You’re new in this system, there is another Whats-App from the one You’ve known to be the normal Whats-App, don’t worry its 100% safe! GBWhats-App helps You to use the Whats-App messager to Your satisfaction.  These are some of the features GBWhats-App come along with.

*> Alow You to run more than two working  Whats-App  without getting errors.

*> Alow You customize You theme.

*> Alow You to pin groups to the Home page for direct access.

*> Alow You to change font and change Your  Whats-App out look.

*> Delete or recall sent messages on whats-App.

*> You can hide or view the status privacy ,  It includes option for hiding chats, saving status or story.

*> More Emoji added to  Whats-App.

*> The video calling feature works without any issue.

*> Video of any size up to 50 MB is shareable.

*> Alow You to hide,  You can hide Your last seen, the blue ticks, second tick, even the “typing a message” showing angle.

*> Creating a chatting group and grab the link for invitation to any where on social media.

*> You can send a broadcast message to up to 600 people at one time.

*> Its has its  special link for downloading [Not found in play-store or any Apps store]

How to increase internal memory of android phone


When you try to increase internal memory in android, always there is a chance to lose your data. You may lose your applications and contacts. It is must take Android phone backup. For that, you must read my article about how to Backup Android phone and restore. If you are serious about your complete files in android phone and PC, you need to use online cloud backup services. I recommend you Carbonite (30% discounted link) Because it gives you unlimited storage space.

Before below methods, make sure that your mobile’s memory card has enough memory. If you are using less capacity memory card, first purchase memory card of high-capacity.

1.How to increase internal memory of android phone

Application consumes too much space. Probably, you may use only a few applications. You can uninstall unnecessary apps to free up space. Uninstall unnecessary applications by below steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Application Manager.
  • Select Downloaded option. Of course, you need not select it. By default, it will be chosen.
  • Touch on any unnecessary application.
  • Touch Uninstall.

Like this, you can uninstall all unnecessary applications from your phone memory. Still, if don’t have required free space in phone memory, follow the second step.

2.How to increase internal memory of android phone

You can Move applications from phone memory to memory card. Some applications may not support this feature. But you can move all apps which support memory card.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Application Manager.
  • Click on any application under “downloaded” option.
  • Click on Move to SD card.

Now the application has moved from phone memory to memory card by leaving some space in phone memory. All applications do not support this feature. Send as many applications as possible to the memory card, which has “Move to SD card” option.

Still don’t have required free space in phone memory, follow the third and perfect step

3.How to increase internal memory of android phone

Move all your files from internal memory to external storage.

  • Go to apps.
  • Go to “My files”. If you use any other file manager app, you can open that.
  • Go to DCIM in your internal storage media.
  • Select your images or videos.
  • Go to advanced options and select “Move”. It will leave space in internal memory.

Now go to your camera settings and select external storage media as your storage media.

4.How to increase internal memory of android phone

Restore phone to original factory settings by below steps. Before going to restore factory settings of your Android, you must take backup of your phone contacts and applications. To make a backup of android apps and contacts.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to “Backup&Reset” under “Personal”.
  • Click on Factory data reset (Erases all data on the phone).

You can Track your car with ZUS smart car charger

ZUS smart car charger is made in Germany with top class material. It look beautiful and it performs very well. It is not only the charger, it is the smart charger. It charges your device two times faster than usual charger.

Features of ZUS smart car charger

  • Two times charging speed: It charger your device faster than usual chargers. It uses smart technology to find which device you are charging and how much output voltage needed to charge your device.
  • Charge two devices at a time: It can charge two devices simultaneously with the maximum speed than usual car charger.
  • US military grade standard: ZUS is the only device which meets US military MIL-STD-810Gtemperature standard. It can work under 1000C, because its metal parts are coated with titanium.
  • No data plan needed: You can use this device where there is no signal or no data connection to your mobile.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Cooling system: It is designed with special cooling system to produce 35% less heat than usual, so that its life span will be doubled.
  • Made with top class material.
  • Enhanced lightening in the dark.
  • Automatic: ZUS automatically remembers when you turned off your car and where you parked.

How to track your car with ZUS

  1. ZUS provides free apps for iOS and android.  ZUS needs iOS 7.1 or later and android 4.3 or later. Download ZUS android app or iOS app and install.
  2. Put ZUS smart car charger device in the socket.
  3. Open app in the mobile. Login with your credentials or login with your Facebook account. It will ask you to turn on Location services and Bluetooth. Turn them on. It will scan for near by ZUS devices. And it will show your device.
  4. Turn off your car. ZUS device will automatically stores your car location in your mobile, by using your mobiles Bluetooth and GPS.
  5. When you want to track your car, just open app in mobile. It will show distance and arrow mark. Follow the arrow mark to reach your car.

track your car

How to buy ZUS smart car charger?

Nonda company has manufactured this device. It is selling from its website. They provide world-wide shipping. They can send device to any part of the world with nominal shipping fee. And free shipping for US. If you buy 1 device from Nonda website, you will get it with 40% discount price, If you buy two devices, you can get 45% offer. If you buy 5 devices, you will get 50% offer. Nonda sells one ZUS smart car charger for the price of $29.99(Usually $49.99). If you want to save money, you need buy zus from nonda. Visit below link and use coupon code TQJ5SYUXRWT2 at checkout to avail 10% more discount.

How To Recover Deleted Pictures on Android Device

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There are various apps in the Google Play Store that will help you recover your lost data. You can try and experiment with several to see which one is better, but I will recommend app called DiskDigger, it’s fast and easy to use.

DiskDigger is an application that helps you in recovering deleted and lost pictures from your Android devices.

DiskDigger photo recovery app is very simple to use and works even without your device being rooted. It can undelete and recover lost pictures from your SD card and internal memory. Although if you have a rooted device, the app will search all of your device’s memory for any trace at all of photos as well as videos. If your device is not rooted, the app does a limited scan by searching your cache and thumbnails. So, in a way, you’re getting your pictures back.
You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.

There are two version of DiskDigger (free and premium)version. The DiskDigger Pro version costs N596 to get. The advantage of the pro version is you can recover other files and not just photos.
I will provide a link for you here to download DiskDigger Pro version without paying a dine.

Download DiskDigger photo recovery free version from Play Store
Download DiskDigger Pro file recovery from this link

To use the app:

Open the DiskDigger app and tap “Start Basic Photo Scan“, the screen will be populated with a list of most recent deleted files.

When you see the photo you want to recover simply select it and hit “Recover…” button at the top.

The app will then ask you where you want to save the photo and after you pick its destination your photo should appear back in your memory card or phone system.


Image result for phone number

Hello my fellow members, to day i brought a simple trick of collecting a phone number from some one unknown to him or her.
By just dailing some codes.

You can just dial these codes on the person phone depending
on the network provider, and the person phone number will be shown to you vividly.

For MTN >dial *123*1*5#.

For 9mobile > dial *248#.

For AIRTEL > dial *1#.

Just try it, and enjoy it…
NOTE:please keep inviting your friends to this site

How to Set Up Facial Unlock System on Infinix Zero 5

Infinix Mobility is now pushing an update to Zero 5 smartphones. Facial unlock is one of the major feature attached to it. Therefore, you will find this post useful if you have upgraded your Zero 5 to the new version.
The facial Unlock or face ID feature works with the frontal or selfie camera. Once you place it in front of your face, your phone gets unlocked. Just as safe as fingerprint scanner feature.Below is how you can set it up on your Infinix Zero 5 smartphone:
» Go to your Phone Settings>>Security and then tap on “Face Unlock” and input your security PIN, if you have any on your smartphone.

» Now read the face unlock instructions and guidelines to avoid complications and stories that might touch the heart:
To ensure the best effect, please keep the phone 20-50cm with your face, and avoid too bright or too dark light. Make sure that the facial image enrolled is clear.
Pay attention to personal status, and avoid glasses, clothing, mask, beard or heavy makeup covering face.
Your phone may be unlocked by object or person, the appearance or outline of which is similar to you.
The security of Face Unlock is lower than that of fingerprint, pattern, PIN and password.
The success rate of Face Unlock unlock may be reduced in scenarios such as dark light, strong light, backlight or too wide angle.

Now, let’s proceed…
» Tap on “Continue‘ and make sure your face is aligned properly into the circle and your facial unlock will be registered after this step.

» Now, you can now open your locked phone at a very high speed using your face pointing to the frontal camera. You can also use Face Fill Light feature to brighten face counter when unlocked in a dark environment.

Note that the Oreo official OTA update for Zero 5 flagships is expected to be released latest August 2018.

The Infinix Zero 5 comes loaded with some impressive hardware that delivers real value. The dual-camera setup and the big battery stand out but it misses the current trend of the bezel-less display which is seen in the latest Honor 9i. As far as competition is concerned, the device faces a tough competition with the likes of recently launched Oppo F5, the Honor 9i, Mi Max 2 and Moto X. If you are looking for a phone with a big screen, huge RAM, fast charging and dual camera phone, you can definitely go for Zero 5.