Dent Free Data – How To Get Free Data In All Countries With DENT App


Dent App – Earn Unlimited Free Data With Dent App 2018 | Earn Free Data With Dent App In Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India, South Africa, USA and other Countries


Dent App – Earn Unlimited Free Data With Dent App 2018 | Earn Free Data With Dent App In Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, India, South Africa, USA and other Countries



Dent free data – This is solely for information purposes since it’s not everybody that love to buy data, then you can actually get free data.

There is a new app that allow you to send mobile data, top-up and earn free data. The app is called DENT, designed by DENT Wireless Company.

It’s a trusted app with over 100 thousand downloads as at the time of writing this article. Yes, you can earn free data with it.

dent free data

How Do I Earn Free Data With Dent?

There are many methods to earn your free data. You can share your referrals link with a friend and when he or she uses the link to download and register onto Dent app, you get 20 dents instantly, same goes to your friend.

dent free data

For instance,

The 20 dents can allow you buy heavy and cheap mobile data available on their recommended deals.

You can use your free dent to buy some recommended deals as seen below

  1. 100MB for 25 Dents
  2. 100MB for 30 Dents
  3. 50MB for 42 Dents
  4. 250MB for 30 Dents
  5. 50MB for 15 Dents
  6. 1GB for 60 Dents
  7. 750MB for 86 Dents

Note that it fluctuate all the time depending on how lucky you are.

How Do I begin?

>>Download dent app here

>>Launch the app and enter your mobile number

>>Verification code will be sent to your mobile number, enter and proceed

>>Connect your Facebook or Google or Manually. In my case I choose manually

dent free data

>>Once your registration is complete, you’ll receive 30 dents as seen above.

Copy your referral link and share it with friends. The more you invite the more dents you earn.

Will it Work in My Country?

Dent is currently available in most countries including US, Zambia, South Africa, UAE, Nigeria etc. Don’t miss out.

For signing up alone, your free dents can get you up to 500MB depending on the recommended deals.

Can I Withdraw Dent to my Bank Account?

No. You can only use dent to buy data.

9Mobile, Airtel oppose transfer of Visafone 800MHz spectrum licence to MTN

Two major telecoms operators in the country, 9Mobile and Barti Airtel, yesterday, publicly opposed the proposed transfer of operating licence and resources, including 800MHz spectrum, from Visafone Communication Limited to MTN Nigeria.

The duo raised the objection at a public hearing organised by Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, at its headquarters in Abuja.

Responding to the proposal, Head of Regulatory Affairs, 9Mobile, Mr. Chidozie Arinze, said spectrum remained a scarce national resource available in limited quantity and, as such could not be leased to only MTN as an operator to the detriment of other operators that do not have similar spectrum in their possession.

He argued that the 800MHz spectrum from Visafone must be managed more efficiently and not be given to one operator because it had money.

According to him,  this will create room for wider dominance of the market by MTN, and that if MTN is allowed to monopolize 4G, it can be priced anyhow.

He said:  “It is like giving all Nigerian oil wells to one individual. The 800MHz spectrum is good for 4G operation and every operator wants to deploy 4G.    If MTN is allowed to monopolize 4G, it can be priced anyhow.

“MTN has 4G spectrum already and it wants to get this, in essence, it will be controlling 50% of the available spectrum in Nigeria.

“This is not done in line with the extant guidelines. It prohibits s control of facility that cannot be replicated by competitors. If they get this spectrum, the competitors don’t have similar spectrum and cannot have access to it.”

On his part, Airtel representative, Lucky Ubani, urged the NCC not to allow MTN acquire the spectrum, noting that such a move would extend its market dominance beyond voice segment, which he said could spell doom for the industry.

He warned that care should be taken not to create another monopoly in the market and urged the regulator to come up with measures that would enable other top operators operate  alongside MTN.

He said:  “In India there is a specific cap to which a single operator should acquire spectrum order wise there will be a huge disadvantage.”

Executive Vice Chairman of the Commission, Prof. Umar Danbatta, had earlier in his opening speech, told the audience that the public enquiry was meant to gather informed contributions from stakeholders to enable the commission take informed decision consistent with its mandate to create an enabling environment for effective competition in the industry as well ensure provision of qualitative and efficient telecommunications services throughout the country.

He said: “The commission seeks your active participation in the deliberations that would lead to an informed decision consistent with our mandate.

“As you may be aware, the demand for spectrum has increased due to emergence of disruptive innovations such as mobile broadband, web applications, Cloud Computing (CC), Internet of Thinks (IoT) and the proliferation of smart devices among others.

“Consequently, in order to reap the benefits of effective utilisation of spectrum as well as improve operational efficiency and regulatory excellence, the commission in accordance with its mandate as enshrined in the Nigerian Communications Act, NCA, 2003 embarked on re-planning of some of the its frequency bands.”

“In line with the spirit of participatory regulation and the strategic objective of the commission to hold regular consultation with the industry stakeholders, the commission has decided to hold a public enquiry to elicit inputs and comments from stakeholders to enable us draw important and beneficial contributions from your wealth of experience and research,’’ the NCC boss said.

LED Eyelashes May Be the Next New Thing In Fashion- Can You Beat It?

In case you are wondering what will define the nearest future of fashion, well that could just be the LED eyelashes that will light up your eyes like a party hall as you move whether there is light or in the dark.

Known as the F.lashes, the lashes are newly invented by designer Tien Pham on Kickstarter tarteki, where the product has already generated over $400,000 which was the target.

The way the LED eyelashes are designed is as strips of LEDs that one can stick to the eyelids with lash adhesive and it is controlled by a controller which you can have in your hair at the back of your head.

Powered by coin battery to supply the lights you need, the eyelashes come in different colors including bright white, light pink, bright red, bright yellow, and light green. Also, you get to have bright blue and light blue if you want.

To have them fixed, all you have to do is insert the coin battery, then connect the LED to the lashes, have it fixed at the back of your head, and finally, you can apply the lashes.

What we do not find nice with this is that the coin battery can only last 4 hours. The compensation is that the batteries are neither hard to get nor are they expensive.

The LED eyelashes have various effects:

The LED eyelashes are designed to respond to every movement you make, as they keep blinking lights on your lashes. There are some that come up when you jump, while others come up when you move faster. Some come up as you tilt your head or as you nod, while some are designed to get brighter as you move.

Even though at the moment you may not be able to have the lights changed using your phone, the creators have stated that they are working on having it remote controlled soon.

To agree with The Verge, nevertheless, we cannot say it is fully ready for the mainstream considering the fact that the controller which you will have tucked in your hair can be bulky and somewhat annoying, and the fact that it comes connected with a wire that passes from the controller to the lashes themselves.

So while it’s all fashion and fun, I can’t say what effect this may have on the eyes as the LED light keeps moving around your eyes. This is even though the makers have assured that because the light is not strong, there will be no problem.

How to send a fax from a post office

With all the digital technology available today, we have numerous ways to send and receive information. An older method of sending information is through facsimile, or fax. Fax machines are a common instrument used in businesses throughout the world and a very convenient way to send paper documentation. In 1989, the U.S. Postal Service introduced a fax service for citizens to use. Today, this service is available in most post office locations throughout the country.

Call your local post office to see if they have fax service available. If your local post office is a small branch, they may not have the service, but will be able to tell you the closest available location that does.

Bring the documents you need to fax to the post office. The post office may have a fax machine available for you to use on your own or you may need to have an employee fax your documents for you.

If you do it yourself, first read the instructions on the fax machine. Key in the fax number by using the keypad, then place your documents in the feeding tray. Set them face down or face up depending on the machine. Press “Send” when you’ve entered the number and placed your documents appropriately. If an employee is faxing your documents, simply hand them over and tell her the fax number.

Pay for the fax service, either by credit or debit card, or paying cash to a post office employee. Obtain a receipt if desired.


Many other places offer fax services for a small fee. These include FedEx, UPS, or office-supply stores such as OfficeMax or Staples.

Instagram Launches IGTV App Where Users Can Upload 1-Hour Long Videos: All You Need To Know


Instagram is apparently one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. The app along with Twitter and Facebook, now controls popular opinion around the world and serve as a means of circulating breaking stories even before major news brands have gotten a hint.

In addition to being one of the most famous photo-sharing platforms, Instagram is also one of the most visited video-sharing apps in the world, rivaled only by YouTube.

YouTube Rivaling Instagram

For a long time YouTube has been the world’s major video viewing website where people can go to upload their footages and share them with other users. However, it seems like that is about to change as Instagram has just introduced a service called IGTV which is set to closely rival YouTube’s services.


IGTV is Instgaram’s app which allows users to upload 1-hour long videos. The service which has just been recently launched, is sparking some excitement online.

The company reportedly launched this service on Wednesday, July 20th, 2018.

Instagram revealed that IGTV which will showcase popular videos from Instagram celebrities will be accessible from a button right inside the Instagram home-screen, however it will be also available as a standalone app which can be downloaded from app stores.

How IGTV Works

Instagram revealed that the newly-launched IGTV will let any of its users to be a creator and not just big-name celebrities. However, those who will be able to upload must have sizeable amounts of followers. This means that people with very small accounts or those with new accounts may not be immediately able to use the service. Eventually, however, the option of uploading hour-long videos will expand to everyone on Instagram, it has been revealed.

Instagram users who can access the IGTV service, will be able to upload vertical videos through Instagram’s app or even through the web. The company revealed that the IGTV app will be available globally on iOS and Android. This can be access through a TV shaped button just above the Insta stories.

 “We made it a dedicated app so you can tap on it and enjoy video without all the distraction,” the company explained. It also explained that IGTV viewers, while enjoying the service, will be able to swipe through a scroll of longer-form videos, or if they like, swipe up to visit a browse tab of personally recommended videos.

Instagram is growing every day and it is pertinent for the company to meet certain needs of the users who keep increasing in number all the time. This may have informed the increase in video length.

Instagram Evolving

Instagram is really evolving and this new development confirms it. It will be recalled that at inception, Instagram only allowed its users to upload 15-second videos and share with their followers. Even with its apparently too short length, many comedians still made names for themselves by creating 15-second videos, mostly funny ones, and uploading them on the site.

There were however, calls to make the video length a little longer than just 15 seconds. The length was finally increased to 1 minute to the delight of many people.

However, with this new improvement, Instagram is set to cause serious stir in the world of video streaming and sharing.

1 Billion Users

Instagram may cause serious stir in the video-sharing community worldwide with its new IGTV innovation because its enormous number of users. It has been revealed that the social media platform has just increased to 1 billion. With this number, the platform has become a major controller of video-sharing destinations on the internet.

Rats invade ATM, tear money to shreds

Police in India have blamed rats for nibbling on currency notes worth more than $18,173 stored in an ATM of the State Bank of India in Tinsukia district.

Tinsukia Police said it received a complaint from officials of the local branch of the state-run lender on June 14, saying they found notes worth Rs 12,38,000 in shreds in one of its ATMs on the outskirts of Tinsukia town, reports Hindustan Times

Prakash Sonowal, Tinsukia’s additional superintendent of police, said the bank in its complaint revealed that the ATM was not functional for about 12 days. “It was not dispensing cash,” he said.

An official from Sijuguri police station, who visited the ATM, said the problem was found out after a vault cutting unit arrived from Kolkata to check the malfunctioning machine. The official said the rats could have entered the machine through a small hole meant for wires.

“The carcass of a rat was found among the shredded notes,” the official said; adding that the bank officials managed to salvage another Rs 17,10,000 stored in the ATM.

The damaged banknotes were of Rs 2000 and Rs 500 denomination, the police said.

The police have ruled out any foul play even though the bank officials did not get a wind of it for more than 12 days after the ATM was shut down following technical failure.

“We have not found the involvement of any bank official or any outsider,” the police official said,

The official said that the report has been forwarded to the concerned SBI officials.

The photographs of the shredded notes inside the ATM have gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. Many have called it a demonetisation Part 2 and a “surgical strike by mice”.

Pay With Your Face: You Don’t Need Money For This Payment System

One technology that is invented in China with the promise of changing the way things are bought and sold is the Pay with your face.

This personal means of payment which doesn’t need your cash or credit card, or any other information but your face, has been introduced by KFC China. Yes, not a technology firm.

Nevertheless, it was Ant Financial, an affiliate of Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba (BABA, Tech30), that launched the new service in the eastern city of Hangzhou, as it seeks to integrate the use of facial recognition which is becoming popular with the government, into businesses.

Once you are done at the Kpro, which is the Chinese version of KFC, they have their faces scanned, and if it matches the ID on the system, they would be required to put in their phone numbers and everything will be completed.

The system has been designed on Ant Financial’s digital payment platform Alipay, which is becoming very popular now with over half a billion users worldwide. In china, it is already allowing people to sign into its Chinese app using their face.

While there are fears that this mat not be very secure, Ant has cone out to say this pay with your face technology or rightly put, facial recognition payment system it is introducing to KFC has been used as a means of payment in other places, so it is not the first.

Over 600 facial features are analyzed by the software to make a match. It also uses a 3D camera and a “liveness” algorithm to cut or even eliminate the chances of people cheating with photos or videos of others.

Apart from Ant, Chinese tech company, Baidu is also making use of the facial recognition payment system. Last year it made use of the system to manage tourist admissions in Wuzhen, a historic town that receives millions of visitors each year.

More so, the staff at the company’s headquarters get to pay with their faces at the company’s restaurants.

More than just using your face to pay, Baidu has also attempted taking it even higher than what Ant is trying to achieve by using the faces of customers at KFC to predict their food preference. This is based on based on factors such as age, mood and gender.

According to Ant Financial, the technology will soon be introduced to other Chinese retail outlets other than KFC.

Dong Liyun, who is a product manager at Ant Financial revealed that “We hope one day in the future people can go out without their cell phones or wallets.”

You Can Now Buy A Home On Amazon And Ship it

Online stores have got everything that you will ever need, except of course for a home. That, however, has changed as you can now buy and even get to ship a home on Amazon.

Crazy as it may seem, this is very true, although the homes as you would righty suspect, are not the largest of homes you may wish to get, except if you need a camping home or something for temporary use.

Allwood Timberline

These houses are made by companies such as the MODS International which is in the business of repurposing shipping containers and turning them into structures. They design and build homes, offices, and other things from these containers.

The idea of these homes began in the early 2000s, but bringing it up and selling on online stores is something definitely new.

Pre-fabricated Tiny Home, as it is called, is a fully finished home that has a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, and a living area. More so, it has a bottom sewer connection, easy side water, and electrical connection.

One drawback that many buyers would get is that the price may not be the most convenient. This is mostly as it sells for between $12,995.00 and $36,000.00 apart from the shipping fee which at the minimum is 2,000 dollars. Boulder Cabin and Shed Kit Model

The price of this home on Amazon, however, also covers for finished appliances. It comes fully ready with windows and large patio door.

The advantages that you get with this is that apart from the fact that you can easily get to buy it online, it also has a very good standard. But above that, it provides a way to recycle shipping containers and it assists now that houses in the urban areas don’t come by easily.

MODS Pre-fabricated Tiny Home

I know I said the price may be high for some people, but for someone that can get it, it is very valuable.

Apart from this, there are a few more homes that you can buy on Amazon. DuraMAX Flat Top Insulated Building and Little Cottage are some.

Even as some of them are made of containers, there are some that are made of wood, and they have the looks and feel of a  real home

How to Buy Power Online Payment In Nigeria

BuyPower online payment service lets you purchase electricity units (tokens) instantaneously anywhere, anytime in Nigeria by making use of your internet-enabled smart phone or computer. It saves you from queuing and time wasting whenever you want to recharge your pre-paid meter in Nigeria.

You can start making use of the service by visiting or by making use of buypower app for Android. Internet connection is needed for you to be able to make use of the service.

The interesting part of it is that, you can buy electricity units for your loved ones at i.e if the prepaid meter is not registered in your name, you can still make payment to get the token to be recharged on the pre-paid meter. All you need to have handy, is the pre-paid meter number.

How To Buy PrePaid Meter Units Online In Nigeria At BuyPower.Ng

◦ Type the url in a browser [ Laptop, phone, Tablet or Desktop ]

◦ If you do not have an account on the platform click on the “register button” on the home page and enter your details on the next page.

◦ If you have an account on the platform click on the “login button” on the home page and enter your login details.

◦ Once you login through any of the methods mentioned above, you would be taken to the order page.

◦ On the Order page, Enter your Meter Number, the Amount you want to purchase, and select the payment method.

◦ You would be taken to a confirmation page to check that the meter no and other details are valid.

◦ You would need to check that you accept the terms and conditions in order to proceed.

◦ Once you click confirm, you would be redirected to the payment gateway to enter your payment details.

◦ If payment is successful, you would be taken back to where your token would be generated and displayed. It will also be sent to you via sms and email.

◦ Enter the token on your prepaid meter as required. Once recharged, the units purchased will be added to the available units on the prepaid meter.

How Much In Naira Is Electricity Units Per KWh in Nigeria?

As at 19th of May 2018, when I purchased units before publishing this blog post, I purchased the units at @ 29.81 N/KWh.