Germany rolls out world’s first hydrogen train

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World’s first hydrogen train rolls out in Germany. Commuters in Germany now have a chance to ride the world’s first hydrogen train as the country moves to replace old diesel-powered engines. The new trains carry a hydrogen tank and fuel cells on the roof, and produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen.

Two bright blue Coradia iLint trains, built by French TGV-maker Alstom, began running a 100-kilometre (62-mile) route between the towns and cities of Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervoerde and Buxtehude in northern Germany — a stretch normally plied by diesel trains.

“The world’s first hydrogen train is entering into commercial service and is ready for serial production,” Alstom CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge said at an unveiling ceremony in Bremervoerde, the station where the trains will be refuelled with hydrogen.

Alstom has said it plans to deliver another 14 of the zero-emissions trains to Lower Saxony state by 2021, with other German states also expressing an interest.

Hydrogen trains are equipped with fuel cells that produce electricity through a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, a process that leaves steam and water as the only emissions.

Excess energy is stored in ion-lithium batteries on board the train.

The Coradia iLint trains can run for around 1,000 kilometres on a single tank of hydrogen, similar to the range of diesel trains.

Alstom is betting on the technology as a greener, quieter alternative to diesel on non-electrified railway lines — an attractive prospect to many German cities scrambling to combat air pollution.

“Sure, buying a hydrogen train is somewhat more expensive than a diesel train, but it is cheaper to run,” Stefan Schrank, the project’s manager at Alstom, told AFP.

Other countries are also looking into hydrogen trains, Alstom said, including Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Canada.

In France, the government has already said it wants the first hydrogen train to be on the rails by 2022.

Snaptube allows an unlimited streaming of videos for free


Snaptube is considered as one of the best apps to stream and download videos on an Android device. Here are some of the major features that make it a must-have app for every Android user.

  • It has integrated an extensive range of video sharing platforms in one place. Therefore, a user can easily find any video without switching between different apps.
  • The app also supports the downloading of unlimited content in high quality.
  • It has a sleek and user-friendly interface as well.
  • The fast-loading video player will make sure that the video won’t buffer while playing. It also supports the streaming of HD content.
  • It has an inbuilt video as well as a music player. This means, users can watch unlimited videos or listen to as many songs as they like without any trouble.
  • There is also a provision to add a specific platform to the existing list. Snaptube has already integrated numerous platforms together, but users can customize this list as well by adding (or removing) any other platform.
  • While downloading any content, it provides different resolution (and size) options so that a user can select the size and resolution of the video they wish to download.
  • Its picture-in-picture mode can let users watch videos while multitasking.

There are numerous other advanced features that are available in the latest update. Users can simply visit the official website of Snaptube to download its new and updated app on their device for free. There is no need to root the device or make any drastic changes in it to download Snaptube. With the release of its new features, Snaptube certainly provides a fast and hassle-free way to download high-quality content for free. This will let users access unlimited content anytime and anywhere they like.

How To Use GPS To Locate Things And Track People

ET Wealth shows how you can keep track of things as well as people important to you using GPS.

Most of us think GPS is only for navigation. However, using various GPS-based devices and apps, you can utilise this technology to locate things as well as people. ET show you how you can keep track of everything important to you.

Tied To The Family

There would be times when you would like to accompany family members or let them know where you are. The easiest way is to use the integrated GPS of your phone combined with the function Find my phone (Find my iPhone for iOS users, Find your phone on Android) to locate a person on a map. Remember that you would need the Google ID / Apple ID to access these details.

If you do not want to share your Apple / Google ID, you can use other free applications. Family Locator by Life 360 is a free application for Android and iOS that allows you to see where each member of the family is in the application. You make a particular circle in the application with yourself and with other members of the family, and you can even put the local share in the automatic for constant use. The application allows you to converse with other people in the circle individually or in a group. Another application without costumes that you can experience is the Glympse (free for Android and iOS). It allows you to send a “Gore” through the application and how long the person can track using the application.

For Your Pets

There are dedicated GPS trackers available for your pets. The Tracksafe Buddy dog collar (Rs 9,000) uses GPS and GPRS to track your pet and even allows you to create green. There is also the option of a way to connect so that you can hear the surrounding noise, if necessary. The price includes the first 12 months of the subscription service.

You can also look at the GPS Tagg pet tracker on Amazon for Rs 9,500. It can work for most pets, as it connects to the collar and allows you to see your pet’s location in real time on a map. It even tracks the activity of your pets and rests to get an overview of your health.

An Eye On Young And Old

If you do not feel comfortable giving a phone to children or tracing very elderly people through applications, you can get a small GPS tracker, such as TrackID or LetsTrack Personal, to keep an eye on them. With a price of Rs 6,000 and above, these are GPS + GSM compact trackers and ready for use that can be placed in a bag or imprisoned in clothes.

You can monitor the location of the tracker in any browser, configure geo-fences (security zones) and be alerted via SMS when it is violated. Keep in mind that there is a monthly subscription fee also involved that differs from device to device.

Find Stolen Vehicles

The Lets Track Bike Series is designed exclusively for two-wheelers and the price includes a one-year signature. You can get real-time information about the details of your vehicles, plus parking notification, speeding alarm, mileage details and location history in 24 hours. You can define a geofence so that, if your vehicle leaves the authorized area, you are notified.

There is also an internal battery that allows the device to track the location for up to three hours, even if the vehicle is not connected. After the first year, the annual signature is Rs 1,200.

Look For These Keys

Most of us have already been in situations where we can not find keys, glasses, wallets, pen drives and other items of daily need in the house. Instead of searching the entire house, you can use a compact Bluetooth tag tracker. These trackers are usually small (as large as a coin) and can easily be trapped or trapped in most objects.


You can use an application on your smartphone to locate the label at home. We recommend that you see the Portronics Tring (Rs 579), the Nut mini (Rs 1.340) or the Find by SenseGiz (Rs 1.899),

You can Track your car with ZUS smart car charger

ZUS smart car charger is made in Germany with top class material. It look beautiful and it performs very well. It is not only the charger, it is the smart charger. It charges your device two times faster than usual charger.

Features of ZUS smart car charger

  • Two times charging speed: It charger your device faster than usual chargers. It uses smart technology to find which device you are charging and how much output voltage needed to charge your device.
  • Charge two devices at a time: It can charge two devices simultaneously with the maximum speed than usual car charger.
  • US military grade standard: ZUS is the only device which meets US military MIL-STD-810Gtemperature standard. It can work under 1000C, because its metal parts are coated with titanium.
  • No data plan needed: You can use this device where there is no signal or no data connection to your mobile.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Cooling system: It is designed with special cooling system to produce 35% less heat than usual, so that its life span will be doubled.
  • Made with top class material.
  • Enhanced lightening in the dark.
  • Automatic: ZUS automatically remembers when you turned off your car and where you parked.

How to track your car with ZUS

  1. ZUS provides free apps for iOS and android.  ZUS needs iOS 7.1 or later and android 4.3 or later. Download ZUS android app or iOS app and install.
  2. Put ZUS smart car charger device in the socket.
  3. Open app in the mobile. Login with your credentials or login with your Facebook account. It will ask you to turn on Location services and Bluetooth. Turn them on. It will scan for near by ZUS devices. And it will show your device.
  4. Turn off your car. ZUS device will automatically stores your car location in your mobile, by using your mobiles Bluetooth and GPS.
  5. When you want to track your car, just open app in mobile. It will show distance and arrow mark. Follow the arrow mark to reach your car.

track your car

How to buy ZUS smart car charger?

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