What to do after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

For a lot of women. Peeing after sex, as your doctor, best friend, and mom have probably told you countless times, is the best way to avoid a UTI. Spooning can wait. urinating after sex will not stop the sperm that have already entered the uterus through the cervix.For a lot of women, the post-coital pee is de rigueur. Peeing after sex, as your doctor, best friend, and mom have probably told you countless times, is the best way to avoid a UTI. Spooning can wait. But what about when you’re trying to get pregnant? Will peeing after sex force the sperm out of your vagina before those little guys have a fighting chance to swim past your cervix?

Good news: the answer is no. Peeing after sex has no impact on your chances of conceiving. If you’re prone to UTIs, go ahead and pee. If not, you can enjoy a good cuddle. Your chances of getting pregnant are the same either way.
To explain why it’s perfectly fine to pee after sex, let’s first talk about semen. A single load of ejaculate contains between 200 and 500 million sperm.  Immediately after ejaculation, sperm are off like a track team, speeding up the vagina, through the cervix, into the uterus and fallopian tubes. about 65 percent of the sperm break free from the semen and start traveling toward the cervix it only takes one to cause a pregnancy (aided by your vaginal discharge AKA cervical mucus). Some of the sperm will remain in the back of your vagina (in the posterior fornix) and fall out anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours later. The rest—along with a lot of non-sperm material including proteins and vitamins—will fall out of the vagina immediately. Don’t be alarmed if it feels like A LOT of fluid comes out of your vagina after sex. Only about one percent of semen is sperm!

Google Voice allow free call before, it is the best way to make free internet phone calls.Being more of a “phone number management” service than a typical internet phone service, Google Voice does a lot more than let you make free phone calls.

Visit Google Voice

Types of Free Calls With Google Voice
Google Voice can be used to make free PC to phone calls and free PC to PC calls.

The easiest and most common way to use Google Voice, however, is to allow the service to connect your phone to the destination number for free. I suppose you could call this a free “phone to phone” call.

Sign Up for Google Voice
You can sign up for Google Voice for free from your Google account, which uses the same information you use to access other Google services like Gmail and YouTube.

If you don’t already have a Google account, sign up for one using this link.

Read and accept any terms or policies, and then go into your Google Voice Settings. At the top of the page, inside the Phone numbers tab, click CHOOSE.

You can then search for a number based on a city’s area code. Type in Atlanta, GA, for instance, and you’ll be given all the numbers you can choose that have Atlanta area codes. Choose SELECT on the number you want.
Then, go through the step-by-step process of linking your existing phone to your Google account so that you can use your Google Voice number with your tablet or phone.

How to Use Google Voice
To use Google Voice to make free phone calls:

Log in to Google Voice and click the Calls menu button off to the left.

Choose Make a call and then enter a name or number in the Call section.

Pick which phone to call from and then use the CONNECT button to have Google dial the number.

Screenshot of calls made through Google Voice
Making a Call in Google Voice.
To use Google Voice to make free PC to phone calls, install the free Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin, also called the Hangout Plugin. Once installed, you can make free calls from the Chat or Hangouts area in Gmail to real phones using just your PC microphone and speakers.

PC to PC calls, usually called voice chat or video chat, can be made using Google Hangouts.

You can also use Google Voice from a mobile application. Official Google apps are available for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.

Google Voice Limitations
Free calls made with Google Voice are limited to three hours in length, at which point you’ll be disconnected. However, you’re free to call the same number over again as many times as you like, so this is more of an occasional annoyance than a true restriction.

Also important to know is that calls with Google Voice are free only if you call numbers based in the United States or Canada. Calls to numbers outside the US and Canada will incur a small per-minute fee.

PC to PC calls using Google Hangouts are not restricted.

My Thoughts on Google Voice
I love Google Voice. I’ve used it personally since it was GrandCentral, before Google bought the company. The free phone calls are clear and it’s a very easy service to use.

The mobile app I’ve used on an iPhone is user friendly and works great each time I need it.

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How to hide whatsapp message

Any archived chats will automatically unarchive upon receipt of a newmessage from that chat. However, you can manually unarchive a chat by searching for a contact name or message from that contact.

Disable Read Receipts

Read Receipts are the two little blue check marks next to a message that signal when the message has been read. They’re handy, but sometimes you don’t want people knowing that you’ve seen their message already—usually because you don’t have the time to reply right then and it could make the sender feel like they aren’t important. To display read receipts:

  1. In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  2. Toggle the Read Receipts option to off.

Hide ‘Last Seen’ timestamp

WhatsApp allows others to see when when you were last on the app by default However you can disable the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp so no one can see the last time you were on the app or just select people can.

  1. In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  2. Tap “Last Seen” and then select either My Contacts, which lets only people in your contacts see your status, or Nobody, which doesn’t let anyone see your status.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp allows you to backup your conversations so you can transfer them to a new phone. This is handy considering how often people switch phones. What’s you’ve backup up your conversations you can restore them on your new device.

  1. In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup
  2. Tap Back Up Now.

To restore chats from a backup, just download the WhatsApp app on a new device and open it. You’ll then be promoted to decide if you want to restore chats from the previous backup.

Save conversation as a text file

A really cool feature of WhatsApp is that you can save conversations as a text file. This is great for record keeping purposes. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the chat for the individual or group.
  2. Tap on the Menu Button.
  3. Tap on More.
  4. Tap on Email chat.
  5. Choose whether to Attach Media or not.

An email will be composed with your chat history attached as a text document.

Block contacts

Ever got spam WhatsApp messages or want to stop getting drunk texts from that ex? You can block any WhatsApp user from contacting you again.

  1. Tap the conversation by the person you want to block.
  2. Tap the header of the conversations (where it says their name or number).
  3. Tap Block this Contact.

Mute group chats

Group chats in WhatsApp are great—they allow you to talk to a number of people at a time and thus save your from repeating yourself in individual conversations. But group chats can also get annoying when only a few people are carrying on talking, yet you keep getting notifications for everything they see. You can of course just leave the group chat to stop this—or do this to disable the group chat’s notifications:

  • On iPhone: open the group chat, tap the subject to get the Group Info screen, and then tap Mute and then choose the time frame.
  • On Android, open the chat, tap the Menu button, and tap Mute and then choose the time frame.

See who you chat with the most

Ever wonder who you chat with the most in WhatsApp? Here’s how to find out:

  1. In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Account > Storage Usage. Here you’ll see a list of people with the number of messages you’ve sent each other.

Stop media files being automatically saved

By default what apps automatically saves all the media files you send and receive. This is handy, but the autosave feature can quickly take up space in your phone, especially if people send a lot of video. Here’s how to stop media files from being automatically saved:

  1. In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chats and toggle the Save Incoming Media switch to off.

Star a message

Not many people know this, but WhatsApp lets you star individual messages as favorites. This is handy if a message has important information, like a phone number or address. Instead of having to swipe back through conversations to find it again, starred messages can quickly be viewed all in one place.

  1. Tap and hold the message until the pop up menu appears.
  2. Tap the star button to star the message.

Thunder kills 23 cows in Ekiti

No fewer than 23 cows have been killed by thunder in Ekiti State, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

The deafening thunder was accompanied by a downpour recorded in parts of the state in last couple of days.

The incident, which occurred at Okeowa Eluju, a farmstead in Iloro-Ekiti, Ijero Local Government Area of the state, has caused apprehension among local residents.

While confirming the incident, a Fulani herder and owner of the dead cows, Abdulkadri Kadiri, said he was devastated by the development.

NAN reports that Mr Kadiri described the incident as a strange occurrence.

“I went to farm after about six hours heavy downpour on Monday morning, only to discover that 23 of my cows had died

“After careful observation, I found that there was no trace of bodily injuries on the dead cows. I want to believe it is an act of God since I did not offend or quarrel with anyone,” he said.

Mr Kadiri, however, said he had not experienced such incident in his 35 years of business.

The Regent of the community, Joseph Alofe, who also confirmed the incident, described the victim as a gentle and peace loving herder.

The community leader, who also described the incident as strange to the village, called on government and well-meaning individuals to assist the herder, to revive his business.

Buhari’s Democracy Day Speech Is A Grammatical Embarrassment

Related image

People have asked why I have never subjected President Muhammadu Buhari’s English to the crucible of grammatical analysis like I did former President Goodluck Jonathan’s on several occasions. There are two reasons for this. One, being a PhD and a former lecturer at a higher education institution, Jonathan came to the Nigerian presidency with an intellectual capital that no president or head of state before him had. This fact raised expectations that he would be a model of grammatical and rhetorical felicity in his communication in English.

Buhari, on the other hand, came to the Nigerian presidency in 2015 with perhaps the lowest intellectual cachet of any president in recent memory. There are doubts that he ever sat for a school certificate exam. Even his zealous supporters famously said, in the run-up to the 2015 election, that even if all he had to present as his educational qualification were a NEPA bill, they would still vote for him, indicating that intellectual vitality wasn’t one of the expectations they had of him. So pointing out the grammatical errors of someone who wasn’t even expected to speak grammatically correct English by both his admirers and critics is a waste of time.


The second reason is that Buhari actually speaks far better English than Jonathan does. In spite of Jonathan’s high credentials, his spoken English falls short of the standards expected of an average secondary school student. He does not understand rudimentary rules of subject-verb agreement that most people learn in junior secondary school, has trouble with tenses, and can’t seem to be able to speak basic idiomatic English. (To see where I chronicled Jonathan’s troubles with the English language during his presidency, read my April 16, 2010 column titled, “Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, that was Embarrassing!”; my January 27, 2013 column titled, “President Goodluck Jonathan’s Grammatical Boo-boos”; and my January 18, 2015 column titled, “President Jonathan’s Awkward Grammatical Miscues on the Campaign Trail”).

In spite of appearances to the contrary, Buhari speaks decent English. If you get past his heavily Hausa-inflected English accent, you will find that his syntax is almost perfect and that he speaks impressive idiomatic English. He has occasional troubles with consistency in using the past tense to describe past events, but that’s an issue that most nonnative English speakers struggle with. So, ironically, the man who came to the presidency with the least intellectual cachet speaks better English than a man who has the distinction of being Nigeria’s most credentialed president.

Democracy Day grammatical bloopers

Nevertheless, it is apparent that facility with proper grammar isn’t the forte of the president’s speechwriters. Nor is a concern for memorable, inspiring, and elegant prose. The speech the president delivered on May 29 was peppered with embarrassing grammatical errors, avoidable stylistic ugliness, sleep-inducing turns of phrase, and mind-numbing platitudes. I point out some of them below:

1. “Our nascent democracy.” In the very first sentence of the speech, the president referred to Nigeria’s 19-year-old democracy as “nascent.” That’s an inexcusable misuse of the word. Nascent means “beginning.” No one in his right mind would describe a nearly two-decade-old political system as “beginning.” “Our nascent democracy” is a stereotyped, clichéd expression that Nigerian politicians have been enamored with for years; they don’t want to let go of it even when it no longer makes sense. Clichés are overused, ready-made expressions that save intellectually lazy people the trouble of thinking. But it’s time to retire that maggoty expression to the verbal garbage where it properly belongs.

2. Inconsistent capitalization: The president’s speechwriters demonstrated the capitalization skills of a lower-level elementary school kid. It’s impossible to point out all the capitalization errors in the speech. In some places, “administration” is written with an upper-case “A” and in others with a lower-case “a.” “Change” is capitalized in the middle of sentences. So are “Anniversary,” “Government,” “Local Governments,” “Organizations,” “IDP Camps,” “International Community,” “the Elders,” “Billions,” etc. Well, the basic rule for capitalization is that only proper nouns are capitalized. Common nouns are never capitalized unless they begin a sentence.

3. “Naira” shouldn’t be capitalized, either. Throughout the speech, the president’s speechwriters capitalized “naira.” But currency names are never capitalized unless they begin a sentence. It should be, “billions of naira,” “millions of dollars,” “several euros,” etc., not “billions of Naira,” “millions of Dollars,” “several Euros,” etc. When specific amounts are mentioned, as was the case in the Democracy Day speech, use the symbol of the currency.

4. Subject-verb disagreement. In at least one place in the speech, the subject of a sentence disagrees with its verb. Look at this sentence, for example: “The unfortunate incidences of kidnappings, herdsmen and farmers clashes in several communities which have led to high number of fatalities and loss of properties across the country is being addressed and the identified culprits and their sponsors shall be made to face the full wrath of the law.”

The subject of this sentence is, “The unfortunate incidences of kidnappings, herdsmen and farmers clashes in several communities.” That is clearly a plural subject. But the verb that follows the subject in sentence is the singular “is”! If you strip the sentence of its appurtenances, you would have, “The unfortunate incidences is being addressed.” The proper verb should be “are,” not “is” since the subject is “incidences.” Plural subjects should agree with plural verbs and singular subjects should agree with singular verbs.

By the way, “the full wrath of the law” isn’t a Standard English expression. I have no space to expound it, but people who are interested in the origin of the expression should read my June 26, 2016 column titled, “‘Face the Full Wrath of the Law’: Q and A on Nigerian, American and British English.”

5. “Amnesty of forgiveness.” The president said, “The Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) aimed at expanding tax education and awareness has offered the opportunity for tax defaulters to regularise their status in order to enjoy the amnesty of forgiveness on overdue interest, penalties and the assurance of non-prosecution or subject to tax investigations.” What in the world is “amnesty of forgiveness”? Amnesty itself means forgiveness, so VAIDS makes tax defaulters enjoy “forgiveness of forgiveness”?

6. Punctuation. The president’s speechwriters obviously don’t know the function of a semi-colon. They think it’s used to introduce a list. Well, that is what a colon does.

7. Other avoidable errors in the speech are, “loans had been disbursed to 4,822 societies in the 36 States and FCT, while another 370,635 are awaiting release of funds.” Use “had” only when an action has been completed in the past and has no effect in the present. Example: “In 1960, loans had been disbursed to 3,000 women.” That’s evidently not the case here. So it should have been, “loans have been disbursed.”

The definite article “the” has also been misused in many places in the speech such as, “in order to sustain the international best practices and ensure safety and security” and “by the Boko Haram.” The definite article is unneeded in both phrases.

Finally, “private-owned Universities” should be “privately-owned universities” (in American English, it would be “privately owned universities”; note the absence of a hyphen between “privately” and “owned”), “hitch free elections” should be “hitch-free elections,” and “violence free process” should be “violence-free process.” The last two examples are what grammarians call compound modifiers or compound adjectives. They are groups of words, always joined by a hyphen, that modify the nouns that come after them. For instance, “violence-free” is a compound adjective that modifies “process.”
Why this matters

Presidents, by virtue of the enormous symbolic power they wield, have an outsize influence on grammar and usage. Their errors can become new norms and can confuse people who look up to them for guidance. Most importantly, important presidential speeches, such as the Democracy Day speech, often outlast their time.

That is why speechwriters invest time and energy into making them remarkable, quotable, and fitting. Incidentally, last week, President Donald Trump’s two letters (one to the leader of North Korea and the other to a retired high school teacher) were the subject of vicious critiques and parsing by American grammarians and journalists. So Buhari is in “good” company.

Disclaimer: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Ttechbay.

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How to convert a shortcut file into an original file

Image result for shortcut file

Considering there are no viruses, you simply have made shortcuts on the desktop or elsewhere but you want to swiftly ‘find’ those original files and save them in a particular folder or as you like.

  • Open the shortcut (double click on it). Then go to File>Save As. Navigate to where you want to keep the original, give it a new name if you like, click Save. You can do this with office documents and editable documents.
  • For non-editable documents, like music files, videos, image files, you can right click the shortcut > properties > open file location. You can see the original file of that shortcut highlighted in its folder in Explorer. Simply right click on that file > copy, and you can go to the folder where you want to keep the original and paste it there.
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Note that both methods will create a copy of the original file. Which means the previous file in its location will remain there.